Simulated prototype of

Entertainment & Smart City Abuja.

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Project Details

This is our 145-hectare Business Hub designed to provide smart solutions for Entertainment and Technology based enterprises.  Imagine a Silicon Valley which is the hub of all technological innovation and progress. The home to a wide range of start-ups and companies making use of technology to improve the quality of life.  

Imagine a Hollywood with an all-in-one facility for leisure, entertainment and learning infrastructure. Which includes a vocational university, accommodation, and numerous state-of-the-art studios to support the Entertainment business. 

Just imagine Silicon Valley and Hollywood in one place!

Just Imagine

Imagine a highly sophisticated urban area that enables entertainment business and enhances technology enterprises as well as powered by Information Technology, Big Data, IoT, AI, and 5G Connectivity. The city is designed to ease access to business resources, lifestyle, investment, and socialization. 

This will include Innovation Hubs, AI Studios, Technological Parks, Film Production Studios, Music Labs, Business Showrooms, Research Centres, Libraries, Cinemas, Event Centres, Green Studios, Hospitals, Workspaces, Sporting Facilities, Hotels and International Brand Friendship Centres.

About Us

Welcome to the E & T Smart City Abuja!


  • Create about 200, 000 direct quality jobs
  • Provide about 750,000 indirect jobs.
  • Provide leadership for Africa in terms of Human and Enterprise development.
  • Facilitate collaboration across the entertainment and technology ecosystem.
  • Create economic opportunities for businesses and governments to stimulate economic growth.
  • Expand investment frontiers for global enagement.
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