World Creativity and Innovation Week 2023

Northern Entertainment Hub is very glad to join the global community celebrate Creativity and Innovation. As part of this year’s celebration, we are hosting 2 crucial events that will enhance your performance as an Entertainer and also accelerate your creative enterprise. Find details below.

DAY 1 : 20th April, 8am EST / 1pm WAT 


let your originality show

Creative enterprise session for Entertainers and Tech. professionals. 


100 People


20th April 2023


5 Professionals

NEH Zoom Room

DAY 2 : 21st of April, Abuja Nigeria

International conference on Transformation through

Entertainment and technology

The focus of this exclusive  conference is on building sustainable platforms for Entertainers to adopt and deploy technology for greater transformational impact.


50 People


21st April 2023


4 Professionals


WODDI Studio. 2 floor Plot 269 Muhammadu Buhari Way, inside Palms Hotel Opp. Fraser Suites. Central Business District, FCT, Abuja.

Bringing together the most forward thinking Creators and Innovators

This is an opportunity to network and leverage on expertise to improve your skills and expand your enterprise.

Lead Discussants

Entertainment and Technology remains the fastest growing industry in the world. With this growth comes hyper competitiveness. Our carefully select speakers are leading experts in their chosen field. This why we are confident the Melanin Pop-Up  webinar is sure to provide for participants outstanding leverage for professional growth. You can miss anything don’t MISS this one. A PRICELESS opportunity for FREE.


Transformation Grandmaster

 He helps high-level people cross the gap to get better results in performance, confidence and mastery. He is also the co-founder of the Laughter Mindset Experience


WCIW Advisory Member

Founder Global League of Creative Intelligence Certified Coaches, Texas USA. Leading expert in Creative Intelligence and the first African advisory board member of UN WCIW 

Samuel Ekpe - Copy

Grupa (Silicon Valley)

Co founder Grupa. 3x founder who has driven innovation in multiple industries. He has  successfully connected technology professionals in Big Tech companies with startup founders



Innovation Mindset Architect

 Helping companies develop adaptable teams to cope with the rapid pace of change. He is a TEDx Speaker and the founder of Creativity and innovation Consult.

Victor Prince dickson blue - Copy

NEH Chief Operating Officer

Inventor, Kommon Sense. Founder, Skill and Competence Valley. Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Consultant. Lead proponent of Knowledge Economy and Organic Intelligence.


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